DIISPThe IBRC lab is a state-of-the-science experimental research lab that holds computing facilities for group and individual testing, including two labs with networked desktop systems and removable desk partitions (allowing testing to be conducted on subjects working in groups or in isolation); 12 acoustically sealed cubicles with networked desktop systems that provide millisecond keyboards for improved reaction time measurement; four audio-video recording rooms with high-quality cameras and microphones (both visible and clandestine); two psychophysiology recording rooms equipped for the measurement of galvanic skin response, heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, EMG, ECG, respiration and finger pulse amplitude; a dedicated teaching/seminar room with data projector and multiple format AV capability, and five 15-inch Gateway M320X laptops.

SSRI also offers graduate students conducting experimental research a modest ($600) participant payment grant and provides administrative support to researchers who need to manage funds used for subject payments.

Space at IBRC can be reserved online through 25Live, the online scheduling site utilized by Duke. To view room availability and to request room reservations, search for “SSRI–East (IBRC).” In order to use IBRC lab space, you must first be registered as an IBRC researcher; to register, please send an email to: Tia Tyndal.

IBRC researchers without access to alternative funding may apply for a participant payment grant. To apply for an IBRC grant, complete this form and e-mail to Tia Tyndal. Alternatively, send to Patty Van Cappellen.

For all other questions concerning the IBRC Lab, please contact SSRI-IBRC (Erwin Mill).

Helpful Links:

  • Duke Behavioral Research Guide
    Do you want to conduct human subjects research at Duke University? Access a comprehensive guide with tips, resources and technology for conducting behavioral human subjects experiments at Duke University.
  • Guidelines for Facilities and Resources
    Are you interested in conducting human subjects research at the IBRC lab? Click here to access the specific policies for the use of IBRC Facilities and Resources.
  • Pre-Study Form
    Ready to conduct a specific human subjects research project at the IBRC lab?  Access our brief but required pre-study information form to get started.
  • IBRC Grant Application
    Need funding to pay human subjects to participate in your research study? Access the IBRC grant guidelines and application form to receive funding (up to $500) to be used exclusively for participant payment.
  • Register as a IBRC Researcher
    New to the IBRC lab? Access the required registration form to conduct research at the IBRC lab. This registration will provide you with full researcher access to space and resources and infrequent but important e-mail updates regarding IBRC.
  • IBRC Room Calendar
    Are you ready to reserve time and space to conduct your human subjects research at the IBRC lab? Access 25Live, the online reservation request system utilized by Duke University.
  • IBRC Lab - Sona Participant Pool
    Would you like to be a paid participant in research conducted at the IBRC lab? Access the registration and login page for students and community members to view and sign up for studies being conducted at the IBRC lab.

If you still have questions, would like to learn more about the IBRC lab, tour the lab facilities, or become involved as a research assistant, please contact Tia Tyndal.


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