SSRI Governing Board

SSRI Governing Board

SSRI Faculty

Misha Angrist, Associate Professor of the Practice
Dan Belsky, Assistant Research Professor (secondary) – primary SOM
Jana Schaich Borg, Assistant Research Professor 
Gale Boyd, Associate Research Professor and Director, Census Data Center
Kim Carpenter, Assistant Research Professor
Ken Land, Research Professor (and Professor Emeritus, Sociology)
Joe Lucas, Associate Research Professor
Eric Stallard, Research Professor
Wilkie Wilson, Research Professor
Giovanni Zanalda, Associate Research Professor
Anatoliy Yashin, Research Professor
Sunshine Hillygus: Director of DISM and Professor of Political Science
Mark Leary: Director of Behavioral Research Lab and Professor of P&N
Angel Harris: Director of REDY and Professor of Sociology and AAAS
Charmaine Royal: Director of GRID and Associate Profesor, AAAS

Center Representatives

DuPRI: Angie O’Rand, Director (and Professor of Sociology)
DNAC : Jim Moody, Director (and Professor of Sociology)
CBHDR: Keith Whitfield
BSPC: Sim Sitkin (Fuqua)
C4AH: vacant (by choice of director)
CGGC: vacant (pending strategic discussions)
D-CIDES: vacant (pending leadership change)

A&S Department Representatives

Economics: Peter Arcidiacono
Sociology: Angel Harris, Jim Moody, Angie O’Rand
Political Science: Sunshine Hillygus
Psychology & Neuroscience: Mark Leary, Rick Hoyle
Philosophy: Alex Rosenberg
African & African American Studies: Charmaine Royal
Cultural Anthropology: Anne-Maria Makhulu
History: Janet Ewald

School Representatives

Fuqua: Ronnie Chatterji, Sim Sitkin
Law: Barak Richman
Nicholas: Lori Bennear
Sanford: Christina Gibson-Davis
SOM: Michael Pencina
Nursing: Sharon Docherty


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