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Mobile Technology Group

Mobile Technology Group

Mobile devices are transforming the way that many of us live, learn and conduct research. New opportunities are emerging for the collection and immediate transmission of survey data in the field and for capturing a host of information from study participants in "real time" as they move through their daily lives (including self-reported data, geographical co-ordinates, and psychological and environmental data using integrated wireless sensors). The rapid uptake of new technologies is also creating new opportunities for reaching populations in some of the most remote regions of the world and engaging individuals who have traditionally been difficult to access in our local communities.

The Mobile Technology Initiative is a collaborative effort between SSRI and partners around the university to (1) work closely with faculty in the creation of new applications of mobile technologies, (2) develop open source and modular programming tools that can be shared and applied by a broad group of faculty, (3) accelerate and assist in the submission of funding proposals that rely on these new technologies, and (4) to develop a training program that allows a team of programmers and researchers to keep pace with the rapid innovations in the use of mobile technology for research.

If you're interested in learning more about how this emerging initiative can assist you, please contact us.


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