Protected Data Support & PRDN

Protected Data Support & PRDN

Protected Data Acquisition, Storage and Security

Within the social sciences, it is becoming increasingly common for researchers to work with data sets that contain sensitive/restricted data. Protected data generally refers to a class of data that is not publicly available to all researchers because of concerns about protecting the confidentiality of respondent information.

Duke classifies data into three categories: Sensitive, Restricted and Public. Access to sensitive and restricted data typically involves the preparation of a Data Use Agreement (DUA), which is submitted by the researcher to the data distributing agency. When approved, the agency distributes the data under the terms of the agreement, which usually has a fixed time limit, specified user list and specific data handling technical requirements. This process often goes hand in hand with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes for the university or Duke Health. SSRI specializes in helping social science researchers navigate a myriad of issues when dealing with acquiring, storing, securing and using such data. SSRI's PRDN team has a number of specialists on staff to assist researchers with protected data.

  • Assisting with IRB proposals and data security plans.
  • Navigating the process of data procurement: Data Management Plans (DMPs), Data Use Agreements (DUAs & MOUs), template documents, legal authorization
  • Discussing storage/security/usage options at Duke that best satisfy the needs of the agreement(s) while maximizing the usability of the data by the research team.  The SSRI Protected Research Data Network leverages OIT resources to provide a flexible and secure data storage and computation platform.
  • Implementing computational and storage solutions for research projects in conjunction with OIT and ITSO
  • Managing access and curation of certain Duke licensed data sets
  • Audit support and liaison work with the data providing agencies

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We've prepared a helpful "Best Practices" guide for working in the PRDN. 

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