Protected Analytics Computing Environment (PACE)

Protected workspaces for data analysis

Protected Analytics Computing Environment (PACE) is a highly protected virtual network space that serves as a marketplace where approved users can work with identifiable protected health information. PACE simplifies the effort of obtaining EHR (Electronic Health Record) data from Duke Health enterprise data warehouse and Duke’s Maestro Care (Epic) EHR system, while supporting collaborators from around the world with approved NetIDs.

The marketplace offers a rich set of tools, services, and resources required by research and quality initiatives. Within the protected enclave, PACE users are provided the ability to select operating systems, analytic tools (e.g. R, SAS, Python), services (e.g. an Honest Broker or Transfer Agent service to securely release data outside of PACE), compute and data sources (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Exadata, OIT GPU, DEDUCE). Future expansion of the marketplace will include access to cloud offerings like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

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