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Bass Connections

Bass Connections

EHD Bass Connections Event

You can find undergraduates from all over campus working on interdisciplinary projects with faculty, post-docs and graduate students at SSRI and/or with SSRI's support. These projects aim to tackle a wide variety of real-world problems -- sometimes in collaboration with partners from outside the university, and the space and resources on the second floor of Gross Hall are a perfect fit for such collaborations. How can we help Bass Connections teams? Team space; Connection Bar (help desk); Research Connect; links to our methods centers and initiatives.

Featured EHD Project Team: Studying the Real 'Slums' in Bangalore

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Bass Connections Invites Proposals for 2019-2020 Projects by Nov 5

Bass Connections is now accepting proposals for 2019-2020 team-based research projects that engage faculty, undergraduates and graduate/professional students in the interdisciplinary exploration of big, unanswered questions about major societal challenges.

Projects may be proposed in relation to one or more of the five broad, interdisciplinary themes of Bass Connections, or to Bass Connections Open – a special channel that invites proposals that align with the model of Bass Connections but otherwise fall outside the parameters of the existing themes.

This is the second, and final, year in which proposals will be accepted through Bass Connections Open. Bass Connections Open is not a permanent feature of the program, but rather an experimental channel that we anticipate opening approximately every five years as a means of identifying percolating areas of interest not addressed by the current themes.

Special Opportunities for 2019-2020

When completing a proposal, faculty will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the following opportunities. Please note that applying for these opportunities will not increase your project budget, but rather may increase the likelihood that your project will be selected by allowing us to leverage funds designated for a specific purpose.

  • Submit a joint proposal for a year-long Bass Connections project and a Summer 2019 Story+ or Data+ project
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Energy Access
  • Ethics
  • Arts
  • Humanities

Laura Howes, director of Bass Connections, is available to answer questions. Faculty may also contact any of the Bass Connections theme leaders to discuss project ideas.

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Call for Bass Connection Proposal 2018-2019, due November 5


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