Social Science Research Lab

Project-based Learning. Real-world Applications.

ClassThe Social Science Research Lab, provides undergraduate students a foundational and applied experience in social science research methods, principles, and their real-world application.

Each Lab course is associated with an applied partner program that provides a topical focus for the real-world application of research methods. Ultimately, the Lab aims to further applied undergraduate opportunities in the social sciences, including from early in an academic trajectory; to integrate structured research methods instruction into an applied context; and to augment opportunities for responsive and ethical research-based community engagement.

The Lab is based in the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI), drawing from SSRI’s work in evaluation and applied/community-engaged research. It is affiliated with the Bass Connections Education and Human Development (EHD) theme and also received support from Service Learning. It has served as an elective for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate, the Science & Society Certificate, and the Civic Engagement & Social Change Certificate elective (if aligned with a student’s pathway within the certificate). The Lab has also served as a methods course within the Sociology major and, with DUS permission, built towards a Global Health major. This lab operates with a core semester (Semester 1) and an opportunity to continue active research in subsequent semester.

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