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A Different Kind of Tailgate

A Different Kind of Tailgate

Thursday, March 16, 2017

ReMoThe ResearchMobile is coming to Duke Alumni Weekend! We want to hear from current students, faculty and alumni about your experiences on campus and what Duke means to you. Bring your stories and visit us outside the Bryan Center on Friday, April 7.

Affectionately nicknamed the ReMo by the Bass Connections team that traveled to South Carolina with it, the mobile laboratory is a tricked out RV with the latest technology for conducting research in the social and behavioral sciences.

Funded by a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation, the ReMo lets researchers conduct fieldwork in an authentic way, taking their work to underrepresented populations, and letting researchers respond to current events and phenomena as they unfold.

The 37-ft. air-conditioned trailer is equipped with four soundproofed cubicles, each capable of holding up to two participants. Each cubicle has a writing surface, computer, monitor and two cameras for audio-video recording. In addition, equipment is available for measuring physiological responses such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and galvanic skin response.

Researchers will also be manning the ReMo asking about your views on education, specifically, how 21st century education and open-source, self-directed learning are changing the academic landscape. Aria Chernik, director of OSPRI (Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation), will direct the research.

Visit us outside the Bryan Center on Friday, April 7 to explore the ReMo, share your opinions and tell your favorite stories from your time at Duke.

Learn more about the ResearchMobile and it’s recent travels here.


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