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Make the Switch to Dukeblue

Make the Switch to Dukeblue

Friday, June 2, 2017

Over the summer, Duke OIT is reaching out to faculty, staff, and students to transition from the Duke WiFi network to the encrypted Dukeblue network. The goal is to have all laptops and mobile devices moved to the Dukeblue encrypted network (or DukeOpen if an open network is needed) before August 1. 

What is encrypted wireless?

The Dukeblue wireless network provides an encrypted, or scrambled, transmission of personal and Duke data. While many of the individual applications used from Duke devices on the wireless network have always been encrypted (for example, communication with websites beginning with https), the Dukeblue network now encrypts every bit of data it transfers, making it virtually impossible for hackers to eavesdrop on the wireless network. This makes encrypted wireless an even more secure way to browse the Internet, use email or share data electronically compared to open, non-encrypted networks like those in public spaces. Cellular networks are automatically encrypted, so those transmissions are already secured to the same high level.

How do I get the new Dukeblue wireless network?

Establishing an initial connection to the Dukeblue wireless network requires using your Duke NetID and password. Depending on your device, system configuration may involve additional initial setup steps. Visit from your wireless laptops and devices for instructions on connecting. Once the connection is established, devices will continue to connect to it automatically on campus.

For students, faculty and staff that wish to enroll their own laptops, phones or other wireless devices, set up takes less than two minutes. OIT is working in partnership with campus departments, if you need additional help contact SSRI IT User Services.

Duke currently offers Four WiFi networks

There are four networks for Duke users, and they offer options both on and off Duke's campus. For primary on-campus use, Dukeblue is the recommended network.

Dukeblue – A WPA2 encrypted network intended for typical, everyday laptop/mobile device use. This is the default network that should be used by faculty, staff and students.  Installers can be found here:

Eduroam – A WPA2 encrypted network that can be used at Duke, or at participating universities in the US and abroad.  Information and links to the installer can be found here:

DukeOpen – This network is the replacement for Duke. It does not encrypt the client connection and requires registration at:  The DukeOpen network should be used for IoT devices or systems that cannot connect to Dukeblue.  Note that devices registered on Duke will also work on DukeOpen without re-registering them.

Visitor/DukeVisitor – This network is intended to be used by visitors at Duke and is limited in terms of what can be accessed and bandwidth.

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