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New BARU Book On Aging Out Now

New BARU Book On Aging Out Now

Monday, September 19, 2016

BARU book coverThe Biodemography of Aging Research Unit (BARU)—an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise ranging from demography/actuarial science to mathematics/physics, biology/genetics and health services research—has published a new book on aging. It's the latest volume in the Springer Series on Demographic Methods and Population Analysis, edited by John Franklin Crowell Professor Emeritus of Sociology and SSRI Research Professor Kenneth C. Land. 

This volume, written by Anatoliy Yashin, Eric Stallard and Kenneth Land, explores the research into how age-related changes at the individual level, along with other factors, contribute to morbidity, disability and mortality risks at the broader population level. It begins with a summary of the state of our knowledge in the field, followed by individual chapters discussing a range of topics like age trajectory analysis in select and general populations, incidence/age patterns of major chronic illnesses, and indices of cumulative deficits and their use in characterizing and understanding the detailed properties of individual aging.

The book features comprehensive statistical analyses of longitudinal data sets including the Framingham Heart Study, with its more than 60 years of follow-up. Culminating in penetrating conclusions about the insights gained from the work involved, this book adds much to our understanding of the links between aging and human health.

To purchase the book, or download the e-book, visit Springer. Currently, people affiliated with Duke can download the e-book for free. 


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