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New Course Explores Open Source Principles

New Course Explores Open Source Principles

Monday, April 24, 2017

Students from other open source class: The 21st Century Student Spring 2017Something is “open” when it’s accessible to, modifiable by, and sharable among anyone. A new course titled Foundations of an Open Source World and taught by Bryan Behrenshausen, writer and editor at Red Hat, explores ways in which principles derived from the open source software movement — principles like transparency, collaboration, meritocracy, and adaptability—are generating social, cultural, and economic innovations.

Students will trace the historical roots of open source thinking, exploring its ethical and philosophical dimensions. They'll read widely across multiple domains, analyzing the impact of open source thinking on practices of knowledge production, strategies of organizational governance, and contemporary models of power and authority. Students will then examine case studies that demonstrate ways open source thinking has pioneered innovations in fields such as government, law, education, and health care.

In an interactive, hands-on learning environment, students will research contemporary open source innovations, develop open source-related pitches, and create multimedia articles for the open access publication, the world’s leading open source storytelling platform. Working closely with editors, students will engage in authentic learning as they conduct interviews with open source thought leaders, practice creative collaboration skills, and contribute new knowledge to a global audience of more than a million monthly readers.

Foundations of an Open Source World

Course number: IE 290-01 (Innovation & Entrepreneurship); ISS 290-01 (Information Science + Studies)

Curriculum codes: (STS) Science, Technology, and Society; (SS) Social Sciences

Day & time: Wednesday 1:40 – 4:10 p.m.

Instructor: Bryan Behrenshausen, PhD, Writer & Editor at Red Hat


Durham, NC 27708 | 919.681.6019


Gross Hall, 2nd Floor
140 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708


Erwin Mill Building
2024 W. Main St.
Durham, NC 27705

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