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Jim Speckart

Jim Speckart

Program Manager, Instructional Design

In his role as Program Manager for Instructional Design for the Education and Human Development Incubator (EHDi), Jim is focused on prototyping experimental versions of educational materials. Working alongside SSRI's Alexandra Cooper and many other staff and faculty around campus, he is creating new educational "modules," based on the best current research, to help students and others around Duke to quickly learn concepts or technical methods that will help them be more productive on interdisciplinary research teams. 
Jim comes to us from Duke's Department of Economics, where he worked as the Assistant to the Chair for over seven years, helping with projects ranging from the recruiting of the quickly growing faculty to writing, conference planning, technical assistance, and building remodeling. Before then, he worked in Duke's fundraising office on research and logistics, and attended an unnamed college down the road for graduate school.
Jim is originally from Southern California, and has a BA in English from Stanford University and an MA in English from Bucknell University. He has worked at Duke for over 10 years, and outside of work enjoys representing California on the volleyball court and watching painfully horrible movies with friends. 

Jim Speckart

Durham, NC 27708 | 919.681.6019


Gross Hall, 2nd Floor
140 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708


Erwin Mill Building
2024 W. Main St.
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