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Answers to the most commonly asked questions

When is the PRDN maintenance window?

PRDN VMs will undergo maintenance on Wednesdays from 3:00-7:00 am, 8 and 22 days after Microsoft's patch Tuesday. During maintenance windows VMs will be rebooted. If you have jobs that may cross the maintenance window you need to be aware of times the VM will reboot and write your code to tolerate interruptions.

How do I activate Tableau in the PRDN?

1. A free academic license may be available to Duke students and faculty

2. To activate Tableau in the PRDN

  • When you first launch Tableau you will be prompted to "Activate" the product
  • Enter your Product Key and click continue to proceed.

How do I install R Packages?

VMs within the PRDN are not connected to the internet, however we do mirror a CRAN repository into the PRDN at the following address:

Windows VMs are automatically configured to point to Duke's CRAN

To install a CRAN package run the following commands from within R or RStudio:

How do I access git?

Duke runs a version of GitLab inside of the protected networks for managing code and version control. To activate a GitLab account:

  1. Connect to your PRDN VM
  2. Connect (in a browser on the VM) to
  3. Click on the "Sign in with Shibboleth" button and your account within GitLab will be created upon successful authentication

How do I move results or code out of the PRDN?

Removing data from the PRDN is contingent on a valid Data Use Agreement and appropriate access levels among other things.

As a manager…

  1. Log into the SSRI-Secure VPN context
  2. Copy the files from the PRDN to a shared server, Box, or other less secure storage area

As a researcher…

  1. Notify a study team member with Manager level access OR submit a ticket to SSRI IT to have the data downloaded from the PRDN

How do I connect to Duke’s VPN?

You must have Duke's VPN client installed to access resources from off campus:

  1. Install the VPN client from OIT's instructions for installing VPN are here:
  2. Once you have the VPN software installed, click Connect.
  3. From the menu, select:
  • Group: Default-MFA
  • Username: NetID
  • Password: NetID password

How do I configure multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor is required for all access to PRDN resources.

To enroll in Duke's multi factor authentication:


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