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Researcher Responsibilities

Researcher Responsibilities

Duke Research Data Security

Researchers using SSRI's PRDN resources are responsible for complying with the terms of their IRB, their data use agreements, SSRI PRDN policies and the PRDN Terms of Use agreement, and Duke policies.

Some specific reminders for PRDN researchers:

  • Your research project's IRB must be current and all researchers on the IRB must have current Certification to Conduct Research with Human Subjects via CITI modules. If your IRB was approved by Duke Medicine, your DHRT must also be current.
  • Any research projects with collaborators at institutions other than Duke must ensure that either 1) each institution has an approved IRB; or 2) an inter-institutional agreement between IRBs has been implemented.
  • You may only access data files to work on the project as it was described in the approved IRB protocol and data use request. Any other analysis must be submitted as a new application with all the appropriate paperwork. No work can begin on any new project until all approvals have been secured.
  • Each research project must explicitly be permitted by data providers to merge data with any other data sets. Research projects must study specific data, and if researchers want to combine data sets in ways other than the explicitly approved ways, the IRB will have to be amended or a new one submitted.
  • You may not permit others to view or use the data until they are added to an existing protocol or a new data use and IRB protocol have been approved.
  • If you have questions about data use, ask us. We are available to help figure out how you can proceed, including assisting you with obtaining additional data or permissions.
  • Security practices recommended by the University IT Security Office can be reviewed here: In general, for Duke data and work, use Duke-owned systems, accounts, and software that are managed by Duke IT staff; use personally-owned devices and accounts for personal data.
  • Some of the relevant policies and documents are (though you may be subject to additional policies and procedures, depending on your roles and affiliations at Duke):
    Duke data security policy
    Duke data classification standard
    Duke confidentiality agreement
    PRDN policies (PDF)

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