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Leading Computational Security Studies (LUCAS)

Leading Computational Security Studies (LUCAS)

The partnership unites SSRI’s focus on interdisciplinary research and LUCAS’ expertise in computational methods to create a uniquely qualified program to grapple with the complex contemporary security environment. SSRI’s diverse portfolio includes Survey Design, Ethnography, and Mobile Tech as part of their “Methods Initiative,” while supporting research in Medical Data and Food Research. LUCAS conducts research in international security through projects such as the study of the succession of Grand Ayatollah Ali Al Sistani; the Scale, Scope, and Salience of Hizb’allah in West Africa and Latin America; and the role of water scarcity in civil wars; using computational methods such as agent-based modeling, social and semantic/sentiment analysis, and GIS, among others. Bringing together the research power, prestige, and position of SSRI with the emerging power and talent of LUCAS will provide a rich environment for researchers, students, and security practitioners. 

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Team Members:
  • Tony Rivera, Duke Universityy

After ISIS—Stability and Spillover Conference

On November 4, LUCAS will host a one-day conference titled "After Isis—Stability and Spillover." The day will feature guest speakers, panel discussions, and agency leaders discussing the challenges to, and opportunities for, peace and stability after the military defeat of ISIS. To learn more about the day, including who is scheduled to speak on the panels, review the attached literature below.

RSVP will open soon.


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