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Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation (OSPRI)

Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation (OSPRI)

Working at the intersection of open source and education innovation, Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation (OSPRI) seeks to develop a robust curricular, co-curricular, pedagogical, and professional innovation ecosystem applying open source methodologies and principles to modes of teaching and learning, communicating, and creating within and beyond educational institutions.

OSPRI's mission is to design and scale an education model that ensures open access to knowledge and empowers learners to be engaged agents of their own learning and life pathways. This model will not only prepare learners for a culture that is rapidly shifting towards collaboration, sharing, and open exchange of ideas and services, but will enable a more participatory, reflective, and peaceful world.

OSPRI is jointly housed in the Social Science Research Institute and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative with generous support from Red Hat.

If you're interested in learning more or getting involved in this project, please visit the site or contact Aria Chernik, director of OSPRI.


Durham, NC 27708 | 919.681.6019


Gross Hall, 2nd Floor
140 Science Drive
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Erwin Mill Building
2024 W. Main St.
Durham, NC 27705

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