Seeking PARISS Fellows

SSRI is seeking nominations for the Program for Advanced Research in the Social Sciences (PARISS) Fellowships for the coming academic year.

The PARISS Fellowship offers Duke graduate students financial support (tuition + stipend) and office space in the Social Science Research Institute and provides various training and professional development opportunities: to present original research, to develop collaborations with other researchers within SSRI, to advise students conducting independent research related to your expertise, and to become part of a shared intellectual community of Fellows, graduate students, and faculty from across the various SSRI affiliated programs. The PARISS Fellows are expected to participate in programming through SSRI that will not exceed eight hours each week during the fellowship period (one year or one semester).  Per graduate school policy, students should not have a full-time research and teaching assistantship in any semester in which they have a PARISS fellowship.

Fellows must be advanced graduate students working toward their dissertation, with interest and achievement in social science research methodology; they are selected annually via a competitive application from nominees from the various social science departments and units across Duke University by the PARISS Board, currently composed of Sunshine Hillygus (ex-officio, PARISS director), Huseyin Yildirim (economics), Lisa A. Keister (sociology), Timothy Strauman (psychology), and Edmund Malesky (political science).

Key points of this call for Fellowship nominations include:

  • Each department may nominate up to 3 candidates.
  • Nominations are due by 5 p.m. 3/14.
  • Nominations should be submitted as email attachments to Sunshine Hillygus, and should include:

o a brief letter of nomination from the student’s DGS;

o a brief letter of support from the student’s dissertation advisor;

o a copy of the student’s CV; and

o a writing sample (such as a dissertation chapter or conference paper).

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