SSRI Faculty Aria Chernik Chosen As Speaker for All Things Open 2019 Lightning Talk Lineup


#IAMCS: An Open Source Approach for Equity-focused CS Education

We are standing at the edge of a momentous moment for North Carolina’s 1.5 million public school children, not to mention their families and future employers. The North Carolina State Board of Education has added Computer Science (CS) to the Standard Course of Study, and beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year, CS will be integrated into every K-12 classroom across North Carolina. We have a rare and critical opportunity to reimagine education for all North Carolina students — including female students and students underrepresented in STEM fields — and to situate North Carolina as a national leader in future-proof learning.

This monumental task of designing, building, and implementing equity-focused CS education across North Carolina demands an open source approach. In this lightening talk, we briefly explain our #IAmCS campaign aimed to raise awareness of the CS Initiative and close the gender inequity in CS. Using images and brief video of female CS leaders across the state, we will explain how the open source principles of inclusivity, collaboration, and community are guiding the campaign, and issue a direct call to action to the audience.

Aria F. Chernik, JD, PhD, is Associate Professor of the Practice at Duke University and Founder and Director of Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation ( Her work focuses on creating transformative, equity-focused learning contexts inspired by open source values and design principles.

If you’re attending the All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC this year be sure to check out our Lightning Talk series on Tuesday, October 15 at 12:45 p.m. EDT.

This is an amazing line-up of quick talks you won’t want to miss. Speakers have five minutes to enlighten the audience about an open source topic they are passionate about. We’ve got everything from DevOps to Kubernetes, and how open source is used in education, healthcare, government, design, and more. Grab your lunch, find a seat, warm up your Twitter fingers, and get ready for the fastest hour at All Things Open.

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