SSRI helps you grow

    Think of us as the soil that helps your project grow. We have a full range of services for your project to reach full bloom: grants, project management, data, workshops, consulting, web services and more.

  • MIDS

    Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science (MIDS)

    MIDS is home for creative problem-solvers who want to use data strategically to advance society. We are cultivating a new type of quantitative thought leader who uses disruptive computational strategies to generate innovation and new insights.

  • EHD Bass Connections

    Education and Human Development Bass Connections Theme

    The EHD Bass Connections Theme sees "education" not just as formal K-12 schooling, but also as learning via families and social channels. The theme sees "human development" as encompassing valued life outcomes across ages including health, social and familial connections, happiness, income, and employment.

  • Incubating Projects

    Incubating Projects

    Our goal is to help grow and support the development of projects and programs (large and small), that strategically enhance research excellence. We will not just coordinate, but incubate, encouraging new research projects and collaboration.

  • Affiliates


    Our affiliates play a vital role in the success of our institute. Current research interests and projects include: how people behave in the marketplace; why a special preschool program can help struggling children get ready for kindergarten; how manufacturers adopt energy-efficiency improvements in their operations and supply chains; how to help young minority faculty find their place in academia.

  • Survey Design

    Survey Design

    The Duke Initiative on Survey Methodology provides high quality data-collection resources to scholars engaged in original survey research and brings together survey researchers in the academic, professional, and commercial sectors.

  • Network Analysis

    Network Analysis

    The Duke Network Analysis Center produces world-class network research that would be difficult to accomplish by investigators working alone. DNAC helps researchers share and develop ideas, facilitates newly funded research, and provides training and technical analysis support.

  • Experiments


    The Interdisciplinary Behavioral Research Center (IBRC) is a great resource for conducting research with human subjects - from site licenses for experimental software, free lab spaces for running studies, to active student and community participant databases.

  • Sensitive Data

    Sensitive Data

    Within the social sciences, it is becoming increasingly common for researchers to work with data sets that contain sensitive/restricted data. We can ease your concerns about protecting the confidentiality of respondent information.

  • Blue Devil of the Week: Rocker Blends Creativity and Web Design

    After touring with her band, Sissi Schulmeister-Antona brings curious spirit to Social Science Research Institute with her approach to web design.

  • Energy Initiative and Duke Libraries to host CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for Energy Economics

    Duke University has been selected to host a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in data curation for energy economics, funded in part by an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant to the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR).

  • Math and a Masterpiece

    The Bass Connections Image Processing Algorithms for Art Conservation team spent last year working with the NC Museum of Art to study, restore and exhibit a 14th-century altarpiece that hadn’t been displayed in its entirety for over a century.

  • Connecting Girls with STEM Role Models

    For two days, a mobile lab parked on the grounds of Pullen Park in downtown Raleigh offered Wake County eighth-grade girls the opportunity to learn about STEM, collaboration, and the power of curiosity.

  • Why Do Students Drop Out?

    Research at Duke can take undergraduates on many different paths. For one student, this path includes studying how motivation, giftedness, and dropping out connect through a Bass Connections team working on high school dropout prevention.


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