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Bringing together researchers

with interests in problems that cross the various social and behavioral sciences.


  • PhD candidate Jared Clemons talks about studying the politics of social justice

    Jared is studying the politics of social justice. He asks the question, "how does personal self-interest condition Whites' commitments to addressing racial inequality?"

  • Adam Stanaland (PhD Candidate) researches how powerful norms and stereotypes shape people's identities and self-concepts

    Adam is pursuing Duke University’s first joint PhD in psychology and public policy. His research tries to understand broad societal problems by considering how powerful norms and stereotypes shape people's identities and self-concepts. To study this, he explores big problems related to "fragile masculinity", like boys' and men's violence and aggression, in cultures with strong gender stereotypes. Adam's research is co-led with passionate undergraduates from underrepresented groups because he believes that high-quality training and mentorship are key to diversifying psychology, academia, and science more broadly.

  • Liann Tucker uses network analysis to study adolescent mental health and health-risk behaviors

    Liann focuses on social network analysis and adolescence, using network analysis to study adolescent mental health and health-risk behaviors. Some specific areas she's working on now are friendship stability, social status, network structure, and negative ties.

  • How are families raising healthy children in post-nuclear Japan?

    When a disaster happens it quickly makes the news but just as quickly can disappear from mainstream media. When Fukushima happened in 2011 the world paused and took notice but what about the aftermath? How were people coping and particularly, how were parents raising children after such a disaster? What were the risks of an unhealthy environment due to radiation? Living in the ruins of nuclear risk is a demoralizing situation for all parents involved.

  • Social worker turned Ph.D. candidate seeks to improve hospice and palliative care and reduce disparities

    Sarah Cross had a plan: Go to college. Become a social worker. Remain in direct practice. But as we all know, plans change, or at least change direction. Sarah did accomplish her goals and became an experienced social worker in home hospice and inpatient palliative care, but quickly realized that she wasn’t able to help her patients as much as she wanted. Change needed to happen and she wanted to be a part of the conversation.


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