Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

The Social Science Research Institute at Duke (“Duke”) is committed to fairly and appropriately managing and safeguarding the information collected, used and maintained in support of its missions and to transparency regarding our data management practices. Duke respects the integrity of all its stakeholders, including as represented by personally identifying information about each stakeholder, and takes seriously its responsibility to protect individuals’ privacy in balance with meeting its legal, policy and administrative obligations.

We encourage you to review the Duke University Privacy Statement for more information about how we collect, use, and maintain information at Duke, including how websites in the domain collect, use and share information about individuals who engage with Duke University sites. In addition, if you are in a jurisdiction with additional notice requirements, including the European Economic Area, please review the Duke University Privacy Statement for more specific information about our privacy practices.


We are committed to facilitating and catalyzing interdisciplinary research that provides evidence that our society needs to move forward.


We offer evaluation services and learning opportunities to meet an increasing demand for evaluation at the university and in the broader community.


We provide undergraduates a foundational and applied experience in social science research and in evaluation practice.


We advise on computational and data needs of faculty, staff, and students using protected data in their research or academic projects. 

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