IT Support

IT can help with data and research related issues. Put in a ticket request for assistance.

Compute Cluster

SSRI maintains a small shared cluster of two virtual machines each with 32 gigs of memory. Each machine is pre-loaded with Matlab, SAS9.4, StataMp, Anaconda Python, R, ArcGIS, Gephi and MPlus 6.1. These machines have been created for jobs that either require a platform to run for long periods of time or have a large memory footprint exceeding that of a desktop or laptop. Other applications are possible to install upon review. Larger memory machines are available with an additional cost, covering larger jobs and restricted data.

Virtual machine provisioning

The SSRI team has worked closely with OIT enterprise group to create a wide range of systems. We have met the needs of groups needing small traffic web servers with custom applications all the way up to multiple large memory VMs with database components for memory bound computation. Linux and windows are within our operating scope at the desktop and server levels. We have working knowledge of the protected network space and can accommodate environments needing restricted (not sensitive ) processing. Examples have been collaborative student work areas where data can be worked on, but not moved out. Each VM can be dynamically resized with increasing or diminishing memory ( for cost reduction ) and in some case are free at the lower end of the scale.

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