Duke Technology Scholars Program

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines, including computer science (CS) are known for low rates of female matriculation and retention in comparison to other fields, and this gender gap in CS education also translates into a gender gap in the professional world. The Duke Technology Scholars Program (DTech) (https://dtech.duke.edu/), a partnership between Duke’s Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and Pratt School of Engineering, aims to address this disparity through a focus on women in their undergraduate years. The program prioritizes relationships, mentorship and hands-on experience to recruit and retain such individuals in technology fields. Since this initiative’s inaugural year, SSRI has partnered in formative and summative evaluation and related mixed-methods applied research to examine the effects of this initiative on its participants, and it has partnered in the development of related grants and proposals. This has provided the initiative with evidence of effectiveness as well as key information to inform decision-making, and it inform the broader field of efforts in addressing gender inequities in STEM education and careers.

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