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Eric Stallard

Eric Stallard

Research Professor

Stallard’s research expertise includes modeling and forecasting for medical demography and health/LTC actuarial practice. He has won many awards for his research, including the National Institute on Aging James A. Shannon Director’s Award for his research proposal Forecasting Models for Acute and Long-Term Care, first prize for the best conference paper at the Society of Actuaries’ Retirement Needs Framework Conference, and the Society of Actuaries’ Edward A. Lew Award for the Best Paper in Modeling Research for his paper Estimates of the incidence, prevalence, duration, intensity and cost of chronic disability among the U.S. elderly.

In 2010, he was nominated jointly by the American Academy of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries for Presidential Appointment to the CLASS Independence Advisory Council and was appointed to the National Academy of Sciences/Institute of Medicine Panel on Measuring Medical Care Risk in Conjunction with the New Supplemental Income Poverty Measure in 2011. 

His book Recent Trends in Mortality Analysis, published by Academic Press with co-author K.G. Manton, provided in-depth and comprehensive models for the analysis of underlying and multiple cause mortality data. Stallard also wrote Forecasting Product Liability Claims: Epidemiology and Modeling in the Manville Asbestos Case with co-authors K.G. Manton and J.E. Cohen, and covers the full range of epidemiological, demographic, and actuarial issues in asbestos-related disease and mortality. His six other books, 112 scientific articles, and 66 actuarial publications span a broad range of topics in medical demography and health/LTC actuarial practice.


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