Building a Community-Based Intervention Science Network at Duke

The Office for Faculty Advancement has awarded seed grants to 14 new projects led by Duke faculty members.

A mix of new ideas and expansions of existing initiatives, these projects aim to engage and support faculty through building communities and affinity groups, connecting faculty within and across academic disciplines, and promoting welcoming and respectful academic environments for all members of the Duke community.

Building a Community-Based Intervention Science Network at Duke

Leads: Timothy Strauman, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience; Ann Brewster, Research Scholar, Social Science Research Institute

The dehumanizing impact of systemic structural racism on mental health is one of our nation’s greatest public health challenges. To achieve comprehensive mental health promotion, we need an approach that integrates and synthesizes disciplinary strengths with a systemic structural racism perspective on the social determinants of adolescent mental health. This project will establish a network of Duke University scholars whose collective expertise and commitment can help address this enormous problem. The network will become the first formally organized community-based intervention science entity at any North American university.

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