Examining “Demography’s Changing Intellectual Landscape”

Are you interested in the intellectual breadth of demography? Do you want to know who demographers cite, who cites demographers and where demographers publish? DUPRI’s Giovanna MerliJames Moody, and Mark Yacoub, in collaboration with Ashton Verdery at Penn State, have a new Demography paper out in which they apply text-network models to bibliographic information from all articles published in the three leading journals of demography (DemographyPopulation and Development ReviewPopulation Studies) during 1947-2020 to survey anglophone demography’s key research areas over the past 70 years. In the paper, they also capture demography’s “conversations” with other disciplines and examine the visibility and influence of demographic research in the broader scientific literature as well as its cross-disciplinary translational reach.

Read abstract and download full report

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