Intro to Qualitative & Mixed Methods Research

Duke Graduate Academy Short Courses in Summer 2023

These free short course is open to all Duke graduate and professional students as well as postdocs, offered during Summer Sessions I and II. Enrollment and all course changes must be completed by the Drop/Add deadline for the relevant Summer Session (May 19 for Term I; July 6 for Term II). Take a look at all course descriptions.

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Introduction to Qualitative & Mixed Methods Research

This course presents an introduction to qualitative research methods with a lens on combining qualitative and quantitative data (i.e., mixed methods). The course will emphasize qualitative research methods, examining their uses — when they are appropriate, what unique strengths they offer, what challenges they can introduce. In addition, we will explore when it is useful and valuable to utilize a research design that combines qualitative and quantitative data. It will cover gathering qualitative and mixed data using both primary (interviews, focus groups, participant observation, surveys) and secondary sources, and managing such data during and after their collection. The course will also examine what is involved in coding qualitative data, including how coding schema are developed and applied, how coding can be done in ways that are consistent and replicable, and how to use NVivo software in coding. It will also explore how quantitative and qualitative analyses can be sequenced and/or combined, including in NVivo. Finally, we will consider reporting findings, including integrating findings from multiple data sources, how a researcher assesses what their materials teach them and how they can compile and present those findings to make their case, as well as how to respond to criticisms. This course will include lectures, active discussion and classroom exercises.

Instructors: Adrian BrownErin Haseley & Noelle Wyman Roth, Social Science Research Institute

Summer Session I GS990 Section 07; offered May 22 – June 1 (two-week course), MTTH 12:30 – 2:35 p.m. EDT

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