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Carlos Fernandez

Carlos Fernandez

Manager, Computing Operations

For the past 30 years, Carlos has been a part of the IT tech field and, for 15 years, has honed his tech skills at Duke. At SSRI, he provides support for desktop, network and mobile devices. Walk into his office and you'll see Carlos has always been fascinated by technology and science. He grew up watching Star Trek and other old-school shows, including 2001 Space Odyssey, Metropolis, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Time Tunnel, The Time Machine, Lost in SpaceForbidden Planet, Outer Limits, Buck Rogers and more. If he had to choose his favorite, it would definitely be Star Trek, the original series of the 1960s. If you need a tech-fix, want to check out some miniature robots or want to quiz Carlos on his Trekkie knowledge, stop by his office at SSRI-West.


Durham, NC 27708 | 919.681.6019


Gross Hall, 2nd Floor
140 Science Drive
Durham, NC 27708


Erwin Mill Building
2024 W. Main St.
Durham, NC 27705

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