Open Source Pedagogy, Research & Innovation (OSPRI)

Open Source Pedagogy, Research & Innovation (OSPRI)

OSPRI (Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation) is harnessing the power of open to transform education for the 21st century. Guided by open source principles and methodologies like open knowledge and access to information, collaboration and community, transparency and meritocracy, inclusion and diversity, and iterative creation and adaptability, OSPRI is designing an open learning ecosystem for a more open world.


Jointly housed in Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative with generous support from Red Hat, OSPRI develops student-centered, project-based, interdisciplinary, and cross-sector collaborative learning communities that empower students to be engaged agents of their learning and life pathways.

OSPRI is rooted in the open source values of open knowledge and access to information; OSPRI promotes open educational practices and the use and co-creation of open educational resources Open Educational Resources (OER). Focused on authentic, personalized learning, OSPRI’s learning environments and curricular designs underscore the open source principles of collaboration and transparency, inclusion and diversity, and iterative and agile creation. In addition to developing an open source curricular pathway, OSPRI’s 21st century open learning framework includes: collaborating with industry partners to create experiential, mentored learning; supporting student open source innovation project teams, hackathons, and challenges; presenting workshops on topics related to open pedagogy and open source culture and development processes; contributing to open access publications; and leading academic summits on making open the default position for teaching and learning, communicating, and creating within and beyond academia.

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